7 Great Tips to Slash Your Living Expenses, Right NOW!

Do You Need to Slash Your Living Expenses Right Now?

Tying to find money in your budget for unexpected expenses isn’t easy.  When you need to cut your living expenses immediately, what can you do? Take a look at these seven ways you can cut costs, in case there comes a time when you need to slash your living expenses quickly.

  1. Conserve energy by turning off lights in your home. Think about the number of times that lights are left on in 3 or 4 rooms at a time. Use a single light when you need it.
  • If you replace your most often-used lights with compact fluorescent light bulbs, you’ll save even more on your utilities bill.
  1. Reduce your cable/satellite television bill. Are you really watching all of those channels? For quick dollars, decrease your television cable or satellite services for a few months. You might find that you don’t miss all those channels!
  2. Pack your lunch at least 3 days a week. By doing so you could cut your lunch expenditures by over 50%. That is  money you will immediately have in your pocket.
  • Prepare and pack your lunch on the night before while you are cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. This way, your lunch will be ready to go in the morning when you are.
  1. Use less water when you shower and bathe. For the shower, set your timer for 5 minutes, which is enough time to shower and shampoo. For the bath, fill the tub no more than half full. You’ll still have plenty of water to bathe. Using less water saves energy costs, plus you get the additional benefit of conserving water.
  2. Spend less money on groceries. You will leave the store with more money in your pocket when you take advantage of these easy savings available to you.
  • Buy the store brand. Most of them taste just as good as the Brand name.
  • Use coupons. Many stores keep their store’s coupons right by the door where you walk in.
  • Purchase items that are on sale. If using this tip, be sure to only buy items that you will actually use. You don’t save anything if you buy an item that will just sit on a shelf.
  • Examine all “buy one get one free” offers to get free food.
  • Choose fewer snack food items.
  1. Adjust your thermostat. Set the temperature on your thermostat to one degree warmer in the summer. Turn it one degree cooler if your furnace is operating.
  • On cold nights, you might even be able to adjust your thermostat to an even cooler setting, as you’ll be snuggled under the covers for warmth.
  1. Reduce your fuel use. Consider the following:
  • Carpool to and from work.
  • Is work close enough for you to walk to and from the office?
  • Run errands on your way to and from work to save fuel costs.
  • If you work from home, set a goal to stay out of the car at least 4 days a week. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the money you’ll save – not only from the fuel you’ll be saving but also by the fact that you’re not going anywhere to spend any money.

Using less electricity, water and fuel will save you money every week. Decreasing your cable/satellite service and packing your lunch at least 3 days a week will also reduce your living expenses substantially. However, you can save the most money by being money-wise at the grocery store. Take action now to slash your living costs so you can save your cash.

Making Money Online Thru Blogging

Seems like everyone has a BLOG these days. I have friends who write about video games, dog training, and one who recently set up to talk about investments.   One thing I noticed is that they have monetized their blog to some extent or other.  I haven’t asked them how much success they have had with their blogs, but I am sure they are doing ok with them.

Writing about things you are passionate about is a fairly simple way to bring in extra money each month. Using WordPress, almost anyone can setup a blog. Simply come up with an idea, click a few buttons, and start typing…. Voila, instant success…  LOL, just kidding, it isn’t quite that easy. There is a little more to it, but not a whole lot more.

There are only a few products which I would recommend:

1)   Blog Your Way to Financial Success– A great E-book detailing exactly how to set-up your blog for maximum financial gain.

2)  Instant Blog Cash Formula With Bonuses– Finally an e-book written by an experienced blogger, not just something ghost written by someone from overseas who can’t speak (let alone write) decent English.

3)  Content Rich Sites– Another great e-book about blogging using a tested and proven method. (Plus it cost less than a coffee and cookie from that coffee place)


Internet Job Search: Can you really find a Job through a Website?

Can you really find a Job through a Website?

Have you been laid off and need a new job? If you are, you may be wondering exactly how you can go about finding a new job or a new career.  As you may already know, you have a number of different options. One of those options includes websites that are often referred to as career websites or job hunting websites.  The only question is are they really worth your time?

What Types of Websites Are There?

Before examining whether or not career websites or job hunting websites are really worth your time, it is best if you thoroughly understand what they are.  Career and job hunting websites come in a number of different sizes, shapes, and styles. For instance, you can find online message boards where internet users, just like you, are able to post information on job listings that they come across. There are also other career or job hunting websites that are professionally done. These types of websites often deal directly with employers; employers who are looking for qualified candidates, possibly just like you.

Do These Websites Help Me Get a Job?

As for whether or not career or job hunting websites are worth your time, it honestly depends.  If given the choice between a professional career hunting or job hunting website, one that deals with employers directly, or a website that allows job hunters, like you, to post information they find:  you are advised to go with the professional websites.  These are the ones that are worth your time and then some.  To find a career website or a job hunting website, you can quite simply perform a standard internet search.

Ok, So I Found a Career Website. Now What?

Once you have found an online career website or a job hunting website, your actions will also have an impact on whether or not your time is well spent.  For instance, many online career websites or job hunting websites allow you to search through available job listings. When doing so, you may want to tailor your search.  This will not only save you time, but it will help to give you more accurate job listings.  You may want to adapt your search to include a career field, like sales or construction.  It is also advised that you change your search to a specific area, like the city that you live in or a city to which you wouldn’t mind traveling.

In addition to customizing your job search on a career website or a job hunting website, you will also want to make sure that you closely examine the dates.  Most job hunting websites have it so their most recent job listings will show first, but it is always best to make sure.  You will want to try and target new job listings.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t go back and examine older listings, but you will want to place a focus on newer listings.  Also, many employers remove their old job listings once the positions have been filled, but not everyone does so in a timely matter.

Post Your Resume

Another way that you can make sure that online career websites and job hunting websites are worth your time is by posting your resume and making it searchable.  When applying for a job, you will need to submit your resume along with your application (if one is required).  In addition to doing this, you may want to think about posting your resume or making it public. Although many of the employers that use career or job hunting websites want applicants to come to them, there are others who go to the applicants. That is why it is advised that you make your resume, if it is possible to do so, searchable by employers.  You never know, but you could end up with an interview or a job with little or no work done on your part!

As you can see, career hunting and job hunting websites are worth your time, as long as you use your time wisely. If you do not already have a favorite job search website then simply search online and there will be many to choose from.

Beware of That Newspaper Job Advertisement

Are you looking for work or have you thought of changing careers? If you are, you may end up turning to the employment section of your local newspaper.  Although your local newspaper is a great way to get access to local, up-to-date job listings, you need to be cautious of some of those listings.

Employment Opportunity Scams?

When we think of scams in general and when they are associated with job opportunities we automatically think of the internet.  Yes, most scams take place online, but what you may not realize is that some of your local newspapers may also be home to employment scams. Unfortunately, most newspapers do not have the time, the money, or the resources needed to check each and every one of their employment ads. That is what allows some employment scams to make their way into your local newspaper.  However, the good news is that most scams can be spotted right away, at least with the correct knowledge.

Most commonly, employment scammers, those who use job listings to scam unsuspecting job seekers, try and target free or weekly newspapers.  Although they still have to pay a fee to take out an advertisement, most of the fees associated with weekly or monthly newspapers are quite minimal.  If and when the scam works, the scammer could either walk away with “required” deposit, or your social security number, possibly even your bank account number, if you were “required” to sign up for direct deposit. The money that scammers make is actually quite high.  Five dollars to post a job listing isn’t much of an expense to them.

Pay a Deposit to GET a Job?  You’re Joking, Right?

As outlined above, many scammers make money by stating that all job applicants or hired applicants must pay a deposit.  You should never have to pay to get a job; it should be the other way around.  Of course, with this in mind, a legitimate business opportunity, particularly one that is home based, may require that you purchase certain equipment, like a telephone headset, but you should be able to make your own purchase, anywhere you want.  You are urged to avoid any job opportunity that asks you to pay a deposit, whether that deposit is for learning materials or “just because.”

Work Out of My Home?

It is advised to be cautious of any job listings that are for work-at-home opportunities.  Yes, work-at-home jobs and business opportunities do exist, but most of those opportunities are actually advertised online, not in a newspaper’s employment section. You will want to be cautious of any work-at-home opportunities that say they only have a certain number of openings.  Many times, these listings are used to get job applicants to act fast and avoid their suspicions in fear of the opportunity being given to someone else.  Avoid, at all costs, any job listings that say you can make money stuffing envelopes, as this is almost always a scam.

When using your local newspaper, especially one that is a daily newspaper, most of the job listings will be for local jobs. You are advised to find a legitimate job listing (one for a local job) and compare it to one that may raise your suspicions.  In most cases, you will find that real, legitimate job listings will contain as much information as possible.  Be cautious of any job listing that doesn’t actually explain the job to you or one that also has a 1-800 number listed.  1-800 numbers are common, but they should be accompanied with lots of information.

In short, what you need to remember is that just about anyone can take out space in a newspaper’s employment section. Keep these tips in mind and avoid newspaper advertisements that are nothing but scams

Wow Your Interviewer To Get the Job



The interview stage is so exciting! It’s the final step to landing that job you’ve been wanting. You have convinced someone with your resume and telephone interview that you might be the person for whom they’ve been searching. Basically, you’ve done a great job of marketing yourself so far.

Now comes the most important part: You have to complete the final sale of yourself and your talents. However, interviewing ability doesn’t come naturally for most of us. This makes a lot of sense; after all, you probably haven’t practiced with lots of interviews in your lifetime.

For an Impressive Interview,  Focus on these Three Keys to a Great Performance:

  1. Preparation is critical. Great performances require great preparation. And great preparation requires time. The interview room isn’t the place to try to remember your responsibilities at company XYZ.
    • Higher-level managers frequently ask potential employees, “What were your three most critical tasks?” You should be prepared to answer a similar question without hesitation.
    • Sit down and go through the last 10 years of your employment. List all your responsibilities and accomplishments. Have your answers ready. If you have to pause and think hard during the interview, it may seem like you’re inventing a story.
    • Reflect on answers to these questions: What successes did you have? How many people reported to you? You will certainly be asked about what challenges you had, so be prepared to list a few and how you overcame them.
    • Also, research the company to which you’re applying. They want to know that you’re interested and that you’re making an educated decision about what you’re potentially getting yourself into.
  2. Be authentic. One thing interviewers like to see is someone who is genuine.
    • Let go of the idea that you have to be perfect. Interviewees frequently twist and contort the truth in an attempt to appear more favorable. This is extremely difficult to pull off successfully in a high-stress environment like an interview.
    • Be honest. Coming across as authentic is largely a function of being consistent. This is easy when you’re honest. Interviewers will frequently continue to pursue a line of questioning when something doesn’t seem right.
  3. Practice selling yourself. What are your strengths? What are you good at? And more importantly, how can you convey those in an interview? Selling yourself without bragging is a fine line, but the interviewer needs to see the things at which you’re great.
  4. Pull out the video camera and record yourself while a friend or family member interviews you.
  5. Solo, you can record yourself going over your resume and work experience.
  6. Consider joining a Toastmasters club. You can get a lot of practice and feedback.
  • Confidence and comfort come from practice. Give yourself the opportunity to be successful and practice daily.


Interviewing is a necessary final step to getting the job you desire. Following these tips will go a long way towards preparing you.

Don’t worry if you’re not a great interviewee. Few people naturally are. But with some preparation, you can become very good, very quickly. That practice will really give you the upper hand against your competition.

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