Guide to Budgeting

What is a Budget? Why Should We Have One?

One of the most critical ingredients to any successful financial plan is a budget. To achieve our short term and long term financial goals, we must have a good understanding and control of our sources of income as well as our expenses and personal spending habits.

Budget: an estimate of income and a plan for domestic expenditure of an individual or a family, often over a short period, such as a month or a week (World English Dictionary). Simply put, a budget is A plan for spending and saving money based on one’s personal goals during a given time period related to income and expenses.

Maintaining a budget allows individuals to track their spending. By doing so, individuals (or families) can reduce their expenses to avoid going over budget. Therefore, maintaining a budget also allows individuals to identify places where he/she can cut expenses in order to reach short-term and long-term goals.

Ask Yourself These Questions about Your Budget Planning:

  •  Do you really know where the money from your paycheck goes?
  •  Have you ever wondered what happened to your money when you come up short in paying some bills?


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Author: Dr. James Hans

Dr. James Hans is a personal finance expert, who has dedicated his life to providing financial education in the areas of personal finance and investing.

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