Making Money Online Thru Blogging

Seems like everyone has a BLOG these days. I have friends who write about video games, dog training, and one who recently set up to talk about investments.   One thing I noticed is that they have monetized their blog to some extent or other.  I haven’t asked them how much success they have had with their blogs, but I am sure they are doing ok with them.

Writing about things you are passionate about is a fairly simple way to bring in extra money each month. Using WordPress, almost anyone can setup a blog. Simply come up with an idea, click a few buttons, and start typing…. Voila, instant success…  LOL, just kidding, it isn’t quite that easy. There is a little more to it, but not a whole lot more.

There are only a few products which I would recommend:

1)   Blog Your Way to Financial Success– A great E-book detailing exactly how to set-up your blog for maximum financial gain.

2)  Instant Blog Cash Formula With Bonuses– Finally an e-book written by an experienced blogger, not just something ghost written by someone from overseas who can’t speak (let alone write) decent English.

3)  Content Rich Sites– Another great e-book about blogging using a tested and proven method. (Plus it cost less than a coffee and cookie from that coffee place)


Author: Dr. James Hans

Dr. James Hans is a personal finance expert, who has dedicated his life to providing financial education in the areas of personal finance and investing.

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